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Providence Talks Pilot Report

The Providence Talks “Pilot Findings & Next Steps” is a detailed report covering various data points gathered and analyzed from Providence Talks’ first year. This report discusses the model and theory behind Providence Talks, results from the data, lessons learned, and how Providence Talks will take the program to a citywide scale. It is available to view and download here:

Providence Talks Pilot Findings & Next Steps

Operations Manual

The Providence Talks Operations Manual is a comprehensive collection of the program’s policies, procedures, tools, and forms which will be utilized throughout the duration of Providence Talks. The purpose of the Providence Talks Operations Manual is to provide participating Organizations (who are referred to as “providers” in the Operations Manual) with the policies and protocols required to operate the Providence Talks home visiting program. This manual should be combined with the PT Curriculum as a reference tool for all Providence Talks providers.

In the interest of transparency and replication, the Providence Talks program is providing the Operations Manual for all interested parties to download and view. The Operations Manual is available for download here:

Providence Talks Operations Manual


The Providence Talks curriculum is a 205-page, fully detailed curriculum for the implementation of Providence Talks. A link is attached here for a 5-page sample of the Providence Talks curriculum to view and download:

Providence Talks Curriculum

For questions regarding the Providence Talks Operations Manual or Curriculum, please contact